Grand Tour Elimination Game ( 2010s )

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2010 Giro 44
2015 Giro 39
2016 Giro 29
2011 Giro 23
2010 Tour 22
2012 Vuelta 22
2018 Giro 21
2019 Vuelta 21
2016 Vuelta 20
2014 Vuelta 12
2017 Giro 1

The best Tour de France of 2010s according to this forum is 2010. Because the only other one that was remaining, 2019, got eliminated yesterday as well.
Are new people allowed to start playing this game even though we are fast closing in on the second race day?

I ask because I think the only way that I am going to keep my 2014 Vuelta and 2018 Giro above water is by creating multiple accounts :tearsofjoy:
As long as it is not proved by moderators, then yes.
In the case of proven sockpuppetry after the game, probably the results would change as well.