Grand Tour Elimination Game ( 2010s )

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Me too. The Contador/Landa ambush stage alone was pretty great.
Yeah, I didn't check the standings before my post and kinda assumed 2016 would rank lower and wanted to hurt a Tour that I feel is overrated. 2016 felt like it just didn't have a gc battle, 2017 felt like it could have had one but the riders able to bring it on refused to do so. Yet some cycling media praised the race because for the first time in ages we didn't have some favorite going into the 3rd week with an enormous advantage so that there was the illusion of a close battle.
2017 was bad, but 2016 was even worse imo. The stages to Chambery and Foix were very good imo in 2017, but the rest was bad. In 2016, the only exciting moments were Froome attacking in Peyresourde descent, the windy stage, and the last 10-15 kms of stage 19 thanks to Bardet's attack. The rest was awful.
Heal: 2015 Giro

Hurt: 2020 Tour. Oh wait, not eligible. In that case I'll have to vote for the 2020 Tour by proxy, and hurt the 2012 Giro. Like, the only thing I can find as real differences between the two are the relative popularity of Purito compared to Hesjedal, as opposed to that of Roglič relative to Pogačar, and that the 2012 Giro had somebody actually go out and try to win the GPM.
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Heal: 2010 Giro
Hurt: 2017 Tour

Hard to choose between 2016 and 2017 (and 2018), the latter edges it for me due to there being so many flat stages and nobody being able to challenge Kittel. Hence the worst Tour on record sprint-wise.