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Great moments in cycling commentating

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(I like this thread! I am going to shamelessly double-post in this thread if I need to!)

Rolf: *As first Boom, then Ciolek, crashes* What are they doing?

Rolf: This is not a race for sissies!

Other Commentator maybe Piil: *Regarding why Vanmarcke didn't attack but waited until the sprint* He must have known something we didn't!
Yes yes! I know this isn't from a race. But still gotta pass on these gems from Dennis Ritter during the Giro team presentation. About the Androni team.

"If they had been wearing different jerseys one could think they were the junior team from Herning bike club!"


"Columbians, Venezuelians and Italians in a nice mix. All with one thing in common; they're tiny!"
(This thread deserves some love!)

During yesterday's Giro stage.

Ritter: *Pronounces name of Italian town wrong.*
Rolf: *Quickly corrects him*

Shortly afterwards

Rolf: *Pronounces name of French rider wrong, quickly corrects himself*

(There was some more banter for that... can't really remember what they said...)

And a bit later Rolf and Michael Valgren - who was visiting the studio, and playing co-commentator for a while - got into a bit of a talk about the differences between generations.
Mar 12, 2014
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Has the dutch commentary during the 2000 or 2001 TdF already been mentioned here? I used to watch the race with belgian commentary, but my father had accidentally turned on the dutch version. It was one of those mountain stages where USPS was setting a ridiculous pace in the flat between two mountains, when Mart Smeets described them as (translated) "the blue brigade of bionic men," which (in hindsight) is a brilliant description. I strongly doubt there will be a clip of this about, but I won't forget it. Especially, since his commentary usually isn't that good and far too biased (back then positively biased towards USPS even).