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Greg Lemon doped and Lance Armstrong (Ture red white and Blue Texas Longhorns) CLEAN!

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Jul 16, 2009
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BigBoat said:
V02 max doesnt mean a damn thing out on the road! Riders with a 55 V02 have won big PRO races. I've seen it first hand! Believe me bro, do you know who I am?! My name is Jonathon Vaughters and I manage and own the Garmin Team. The TDF is not won in the lab, its won by busting your a$$ 6 hours a day and taking supplements like 6 hour energy. My athlestes eat a rice diet, with a little bit of whee protein. They train scientifically with a doctor, and medical support staff trained to handle the vigors of a brutal training scehdule.

Vo2 is not the question. yes it is an element BUT IT IS THE CHANGE IN VO2 THAT LEMOND WANTS TESTED. Drug use will lift a riders vo2 which will not change under normal circumstances.
Jun 26, 2009
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elapid said:
Beroepsrenner, as an ex-professional, can you tell me whether or not you would know if one of your team mates was doping? For instance, would the rest of the Gerolsteiner team (riders and/or managers) have known that Kohl and Schumacher were doping (EPO and blood transfusions), or is it really that easy to do without your team mates knowing?

This is not the right thread, but I read a post of yours in another thread about trying to correct some of the misconceptions some of us have regarding the prevalence of doping. I think I know the reasons why cyclists dope, but am really trying to understand how possible it is for an individual to dope without the knowledge of his team or team mates.

The doping that goes on now is lot more sophistcated than when I raced but yes its certainly possible for team mates to be into it without everyones knowledge. Its not like the whole team is together 24/7. Most of it would be administered in private away from the racing anyway. Its not hard to tell within the peloton who is and who isn't. It is now much harder to get away with it than ever before. Thats why I believe there is far less now than in the past. At least thats what I'm hearing.