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Guess Who - Game

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Has she been on maternity leave during the past 29 days? Yes

Would it be possible for this person to compete against the 28 year old Koen Bouwman in a pro race? No
When this person rides a race on the track, are there then usually somewhere between 9 and 29 other riders there with them? Yes
Did he/she have British citizenship 26 years ago? Yes
Did he/she have Estonian citizenship 27 years ago? No (How did Estonia get into the mix?)
From a country that has won the ESC in the past 25 years? Yes
Competed at the 2020 Olympics? Yes
From a country/kingdom that has won the ESC in the past 24 years, but not in the past 23? No
At least six years older than 19? Yes
Rode for a ProTeam in 2020? No
Rode a race on the track in 2021? Yes
Has this person's contry won the ESC during the past 17 years? No
Active in 2018? Yes
Ridden a race in the past 15 days? No
Did this person's country finish in the top 16 in the ESC final on Saturday? Yes
Was this person active 14 years ago? No
From a country that has won the Eurovision Song Contest in the past 12 decades? Yes
From a country that has taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest at some point in the last 1300 years? Yes
Ever been part of a nine man GT squad? No
Finished in the top 10 in a monument? No
From a country that has won the Eurovision Song Contest during the past 11 years? No
Taller than you when you're wearing six inch heels? No
From a country which includes the town of Zeven? No
Ever been part of an eight man GT squad? No
Married to someone? Don't know, actually
Free Landa? Dunno...
Riding for a WT team? No
From a commonwealth which includes the area of Fife? No (I think...)