Guess Who - Game

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Female? No
Full name containing any double letters? no
Still competitively rides bikes? Yes
Raced this year? Yes
On WorldTeam? No
European? No
Raced Down Under this year? No
On ProTeam? No
From the Americas? Yes
On Conti-team? Yes
From South America? Yes
Colombian? No
U23 rider? No
From country with at least one WT rider? No
Born before 1/1 1990? Yes

Chilean? Yes
Carlos Oyarzún? Yes

A bit of a steal there, LS.
I had thought a few weeks ago that his unusual career path might make for an interesting hunt here, then your mention of him in your dissertation in the 20/21 transfer thread reminded me of that thought.

Likely to have been heard of by anyone outside his/her immediate family?


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