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Guess Who - Game

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Has she had her 30th birthday? No. To help you a bit, you won't find her on the team at PCS, though they do list her as haven ridden for TIBCO in her latest race. She is only guest rider for the rest of the season, but she has signed a contract for next year. PCS hasn't registere it yet, though. The same still goes for Lizzie Stannard as well.
Veronica Ewers? YES. She rodeher first real pro race at the US nationals, where shi finished 8th in the ITT and 3rd in the road arce, which made TIBCO sign her up for the Joe Martin Stage Race, where she made the top 3 on every stage to finish second overall behind Skylar Schneider. This result secured her a full contract for 2022 and 23. She will travel to Europe today and ride the Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l'Ardèche and possibly other races too.