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Guess Who - Game

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Did he initially get dropped by Cort on Thyon 2000 in the Tour of Romandie, before he made his way back and overtook him just to have his dreams of a first pro win shattered shortly after, when the group of favourites caught him? No

French? No
Italian? Yes
Ever won a GT stage? No
Has he finished in the top 10 on any stage? No
Spanish? No
From a country with a GT and/or monument? Yes
Is he still in the Vuelta? Yes
Has he finished in the top 3on any of the stages? No
If yes, mroe than once? Well, he didn't...
Still active? Well, yes... I think we would have heard it if he'd retired since Tuesday...
Still male? Also yes, I definitely think we'd have heard about stuff like that...
Still European? Yeah...
Also a WT rider? Yes
Also a family member of a current or former pro rider? No
Also started this year's Vuelta a Espana? Yes
Active? Yes
Male? Yes
European? Yes