Helping finding my first cycling shoes?

Jan 13, 2021
Got my first bike this winter and have been out about a dozen times. I'm slowly picking up items to go with the bike. My most recent purchase was pedals. I had been using the free set the shop put on when I bought the bike. I am learning the sport because of a knee replacement, so I don't know when I'll have the twisting motion to unclip from clipless pedals, so I purchased some doubleshot 2's. That way I can get some new pedals and take my time. I am trying to learn cycling shoes and looking for some ideas. I want a recessed cleat, but I'm struggling a little with finding a shoe. I don't want a full on hiking shoe for mountain biking (as I'm mostly road riding on my gravel bike so far) but I do want some lugs (I like the vibram soles often). I also don't want a skate shoe, I want something that looks at least a little like a cycling shoe. Ventilation is also important. Some seem to be a solid upper that doesn't look like it would breath at all.

Thanks for any ideas.

I guess keep it under $200 since they are my first pair. :)
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