helsinki 2005 wc retest results

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martinvickers said:
Entirely my brainfart - i of course meant east africa - Somalia has NO history of producing distance champs, though, and I'm not aware they have the altitude conditions that kenya 'enjoys' either.

Burkina Faso distance runners a little rarer still, though...

agree 100%

She was the Cathy Freeman figure of the games. Not important in and of herself, but the 'face' of the games

Americans are as smart, or as dumb, as anyone else on earth. no more no less.

American MEDIA however? dumb, dumb, dumb....
Abde Bile springs to mind, you could say the current double Olympic Distance champion has Somalian connections, but as he grew up on the mean streets of London, he is British.
Aug 19, 2012
GazelleFormula said:
5/6 have won silver and gold at that WC.
they have ,but they're all conveniently from belarus and russia

does nobody dope in africa or western europe etc.

echoes of fuentes and cycling samples
Jul 19, 2009
They dope everywhere, but athletes earning enough money can afford good doping programs, so they easily beat testing.