Hip replacement (resurfacing) recovery

Apr 21, 2009
I'm a 38 year old rider who had a hip resurfacing procedure approximately 9 weeks ago. I've been back on the bike for about 5 weeks and continue to regain my range of motion and strength. My question has to do with cleat position and leg length discrepancy. Since my surgery my left leg, the side of the surgery, is longer than my right leg. I've been told that this may minimize with time. I've also noticed that my old cleat position feels to "narrow" and I've had to adjust my cleats to allow for a more comfortable position.

Could the adjustments I'm making on my surgical side negatively impact the "healthy" side of my body? If so, how can I protect the healthy side of my body while developing the surgical side of my body?
Mar 10, 2009
I have no answers for your questions other than to say that after my accident, I was faced with a severe leg strength discrepancy, and that I resisted any suggestions to readjust my cleats assymetrically.
The only cleat adjustment I made was to move both cleats 1/4 " forward, to allow my ankle to fall below the pedal spindle in an effort to re-stretch my calf muscles in my right leg to match my left leg. This has helped me, though I'm not sure it could help you. I've read that some leg length discrepancy is normal, and that it isn't a bother for 1/4" or so difference. Shimming the cleat on the shorter leg rather than changing the position has been the accepted method that I've read about.
I am curious about the type of hip replacement you had, as my wife is faced with that surgery in the near future. It seems our medical advisors are trying to convince her to hold off on the hip replacement for now, as they say there will only be a 15 year or so lifespan on the new joint, and future surgey will be imminent. How did you take this news?