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Hondo Blunder

I was watching the Presidential Tour of Turkey last night and reading this mornings cyclingnews reminded me of the blunder. I'm not sure how he must feel having basically won the stage only to loose it celebrating. Anyone know of any other blunders like this in some more important races?
Happened several times. The most famous may be the 2004 Milan-San Remo when Erik Zabel celebrated a tad too early and Oscar Friere went around him.


In the 1994 Flanders Gianni Bugno celebrated too soon and Johan Museeuw who was badly boxed in during the sprint almost came back to win. The look of shock on Bugno's face was worth a thousand words, though in the end he did win by a whisker.


I believe there was a stage in the 2005 Giro where a rider celebrated too soon as well. I'll have to look that one up though.
Mar 19, 2009
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A little different but in the 2007 Paris-Nice Boonen doesn't realize he just took the field sprint for second place. Kolobnev was up the road and was the real winner.
Just finished watching the next stage in the Tour of Turkey. Should be called the Tour of Early celebrators. It almost happened again!!! I like the one of celebrating two hundered meters too early. That must have been a classic to watch. As for Boonen in a famous quote from a great moview, Snatch:
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