Hoste's case

May 3, 2010
At this rate they'll start bust Wiggins in 2050.

The Biopassport - good at catching old riders and not very rich riders.
I for one couldn't care less if Hoste is retired. He should still be exposed. That said, gee, an amazing amount of biopassport cases seem to be about riders who just retired, don't they.*

If it's Lotto, it could be interesting. More fuel to the Ibarguren stories? If it's Katusha, well, it wouldn't be less interesting.

*Apparently Hoste was provisionally suspended in July last year? If so, he was active. Useless, but active.
Mar 10, 2009
roundabout said:

Surprised that there is nothing about it in the clinic.

Katusha or Lotto?

On one hand, it's possible that the process took as long as it did with Barredo. On the other, could be one of the reasons why Katusha is not WT.
Hos-who :D

Small fry in the big picture that's why there is no interest. Same for most of the other small fries in the doping picture, they are there but don't really factor in the big picture, unless they are squealing like a pig then they get a teet.
If anything this makes you question the effectiveness of the passport.

It works against insignificant classics riders, but you can drop a few pints of blood in a GT and be fine :confused:

The real question is, why Pellizotti?
Dec 27, 2010
It would be nice to think that this is a re-evaluation of old cases based on additional validation of the passport. But it's much more likely to be another shot across the bows at Katusha prior to their CAS hearing.