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Hot racing coming up in Australia

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The stage needed one more lap - The prologue was the deciding factor and it's a pity it rained - Overall a good parcours which was raced aggressively by the peleton.

The prologue definitely helped open-up the race and had a positive outcome on the race dynamics, it was a great addition in my view. I think saying it was the decisive factor might be misleading.

The two stronger riders were clearly S.Yates and Vine, and they were 1-2. Then you had a pool of Bilbao, O'Connor, Hindley, Schmid... which rotated on the different stages as best of the rest.
Promising performance by Tiberi throughout the week, his best ever in a WT race.

I think this route suited him perfectly as he has been good on similar courses in Tour de Hongrie and Coppi e Bartali.

He also started well last year in the Etoile de Bessenges, where he was caught out on the first two stages but ended the race really well there finishing 3rd and 8th on the last two stages. No GC-points that time though because of losing time on first two stages where there was echelons, if I am not mistaken.

It is difficult to value this performance right now. A confidence boost at least and something to build further on. For me, I want to see him climb a little better in the mountains but he seems good enough for hillier type of routes and races right now.