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How do I........

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First: Not guilty until proves. I look at it this way.

Second: If they still use they are under a lot of control and with the bio/blood passport there is no rider who can drug himself like they did in the 90s. So if they do it then it's not extreme. Atleast that's what I think:)
May 24, 2010
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I hear you sportzchick.

A year or two ago I too was really unhappy with what was happening in the sport. Why should I stay up until 1.00 am for most July nights in the middle of a cold Sydney winter to cheer these guys on? Why should I go looking for on-line coverage of other races throughout the year?

I slowly got over it all by remembering why I love watching the sport in the first place (this of course will be different for most people). I also didn't forget that I too love to ride my bike as much as these pros, so I will continue to support and watch as many races as I can.

It would be very naive of me to not think that riders are doping. I would also like to think that not all riders dope, however it is sometimes hard to say which ones don't. I think the drug cheats are getting caught and that slowly, more will get caught. This belief has also allowed me to continue watching my favourite sport. Doping will always occur but not at the levels we have seen.

I will be up all this month watching SBS, cheering my favourites on :)