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How happy are you with Cyclingnews.com in its current state?

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How happy are you with Cyclingnews.com in its current state?

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Cool, the Tour with a 270 Km stage.

Oh, 207 thought so.

In past years I always checked cyclingnews first for the new Tour course. Not perfect either, remember the year you managed to put up a completly wrong course at first, but was ok.

Tried the same this year. No links to the few profiles yet. Obviously wrong 270 Km stage, max allowed by the UCI is 260. All that is ok everybody makes mistakes and linking the profiles well, can wait a bit.

But the biggest problem:

WE still have that unusable "stages" system. Have you guys actually ever TRIED TO USE THAT THING? Guess not, otherwise you would have realized that a very simple previous stage next stage is just easier to use. Hell, even if for some reason after stage one I want to see the last one it's probably faster with "next stage" than with that strange system you have.

Put back a "next stage" thing. Even if you had any actual information on the stages I would have gone to the TdF site to look at the single stages, it's just not user friendly here. If you like it so much, leave it but add a "NEXT STAGE" thingy...
Jun 16, 2009
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auscyclefan94 said:
The changes have grown on me. i think the forum could use some modernising.

Actually the forum could use some MODERATING. They took the opportunity to create a great international forum that wasn't full of dumb posts like most are and then they completely allowed it to be overrun by all the idiots that the other sites don't want.

What we are left with is a forum where there is almost no single topic that doesn't ultimately get swooped upon by the same group of trolls who then spurt out the same tired liabellous comments.

Why couldn't CN see that it would have been fantastic to be able to come to and contribute to a forum where that stuff is frowned upon. Contrary to their shortsighted opinion, the average reader of CN does not want to spend their days arguing one side or other of the "he does drugs" circus. And creating 'The Clinic' what a joke. as though that will stop people trolling in the other threads!


auscyclefan94 said:
The changes have grown on me. i think the forum could use some modernising.

still only visit the forum.. i rely on the rss feed now for my news...
Jul 16, 2009
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I used to rely in CN for all the information- if there was something happening- it was here.
Zabel on ProTour council
Rasmussen getting team to ride next year grand tour,: Armstrong close to quitting after collarbone mishap . Lotto-considering-Riccos-ex-doctor.

seems http://www.velonation.com is the way.................?

any other sites with the news first ?
May 5, 2009
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(Sigh!) What a sad state of affairs, in cycling, not just the CN site. It just feels that, well, maybe CN, albeit it be due to the sport. should change its name to 'Dopingnews.com'. Just wanted to vent and thought it would be ok here! : )

*On a sarcastic , 'not-to-be-taken-seriously' note, the Editors should add a tab to the website called 'Doping News' : ) That way we could aread all we want wabout the sport without reading all the doping accusations! I'd love that! : )
Oct 29, 2009
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Love the forum (for expertise, breaking news, it's on the ball - frequently ahead of the main site, has a transparent and more inviting lay-out, and general ease of use), and thus all but stopped using the main site since the redesign.

Tried to get some old race results a few days ago. Yup, won't be using this site for that any more either.
top section of home page

Hints for web designers.

1) Allow opening "today on cyclingnews.com" articles with "open link in new tab".

2) Have some sort of consistency or relationship between what is in "features", "news editions", and "news".

3) Through the peak release of new season road bikes, you have had had one road bike review. I don't get it.

I've had enough. Time to break my cyclingnews habit of the last 15 years.