How long before Levi gets pinged ?


Mar 17, 2009
With Floyd & Tyler going down how long before Levi goes ? Its well known about his blood doping before time trials & soon the UCI may decide enough is enough. Hope so as I don't think Bruyneel can keep buying his freedom.
Mar 19, 2009
The entire Astana "program" will not be touched. It is unique and superior to any other program. The others may blood dope too >>> but Astana still beats these doped super teams.

Last month 22 year old Gianni Da Ros of Liquigas was caught up in the television show entitled "Muscles and doping" which shows how athletes buy HGH, anabolic steroids, etc. His first year on the team (neo pro) seemed to involve using many different doping products...

Perhaps there will be some positive tests sprinkled throughout the year. (the sure sign that mass 100% top to bottom doping still exists in European racing as do the lies, denials). No major busts either... And this will be a clean TDF.... If the police dont get involved that is. The sport has suffered far to much as of the last 3 years. HGH and Insulin are not tested for. Neither is IGF-1.

No more epo positives though (unless idiots try to microdose animal based epo like last year to keep rectics up while blood doping.) EPO is done.

Blood doping still dominates Pro Cycling. But there are 02 carriers and other things that are effective too.
Mar 18, 2009
This looks and smells like a 'trawl' to me. For once, let us have faith in the riders that never tested positive and hope and believe that the guilty ones will be caught and dealt with ...