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How many will finish the Giro?

No, I'm not giving you a poll!

198 riders starting. The final week is going to be absolutely brutal so I think the majority of sprinters will be dropping out after most of the flat stages are out of the way. Then there's those who are just riding it as prep, or experience and most likely going to drop out anyway. Add that to all the crashes/injuries/positives and ones outside the time limit.

Betfair has the line at 145.5 which is probably about right, wouldn't be surprised if only 120-130 made it though.
Mar 13, 2009
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my gut reaction from the topic was about the 110 range, but maybe I am just thinking that because those mountains scare Me, not the pro's!
I can see day s where the time limit will be a reall issue for some, not holding on to the Groupetto

145 would be a lot more than I would expect
Just by itself the Corones TT in 2008 resulted in 6 people finishing outside the time-limit.


However, on that occasion it was the day before the rest day, this year its the day after so maybe the legs going up wont be quite as tired.

Not sure what effect these sort of stages before the mountains will have


There's going to be people dropped on these stages but does that make it easier for the weaker riders as they can ride along easily in that group to the finish rather than have to try and stay with the front group?

169 made it through the race last year - that course wasnt as hard as this year and so the number finishing has to be a lot less. Also, last year they had that go-slow through Milan. I'll go for 138.
Anyone have a bet in the end? 144 made it to the end yesterday so people betting under 145.5 will have won. Imagine we'll lose a few today but anyone who's made it this far would be pretty keen to finish the whole thing - just a short tt tomorrow so one big effort and they are there. At one stage earlier in the race (a week, 10 days ago?) it was 10-1 ON that it would be under 145.5, not that many have dropped out in recent days i suppose