HRM not working with TACX app

Recently got an indoor trainer and connected TACX app to it, all well so far, then purchased ANT+ USB dongle so I can connect HRM, this worked ok on ZWIFT app on laptio however would not connect to TACX app when running on laptop,

ANy ideas why it works with Zwidt App but not TACX app?
Guessing it's a Garmin HRM or other ANT+ only one? Afraid I can't think of anything. Did you change which USB port you plugged the dongle into? And did you change how far you are from the dongle when using TacX?
No same distance from both, same port, yes Garmin HRM ant+ only.

Weird that ant+ usb for TACX advertise around £40 but got this for £10, it does show ant+ as green on TACX app though

Going to try some other apps like rouvy, but in a few weeks they offer a 14 day trial but I am away next week so will wait, till I get back, I like the fact they have real routes unlike Zwift and not as expensive,
I really enjoy Zwift. The group riding, training plans etc. have been excellent for me due to recent circumstances.

That's very strange. I've had issues with bluetooth power but ant+ has always been solid for HRM, speed and cadence sensors and my power meter. Fingers crossed you can get it to work.
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