If You're Thinking of Doping...

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stephens said:
You want to know what makes doping sound attractive? It's all the posts on here from certain folks that claim things like 'Armstrong's natural hemocrit is 41 and he probably gets a 25% improvement at 46 and 50% improvement at 53,' or whatever it is that gets posted on here. My hemocrit is 39 and if I was a young racer instead of the old dude I now am, I'd be tempted by that kind of statement to get in on it.

So if you want to keep the kids off the dope, stop making it sound so damn effective.
Some nice reading here:


Ah!, they don't have to look into this forum, there is plenty of reading on the internet.
Jun 26, 2009
We have way too many "scientists" on this forum who seem to think the only factor determining success is the athlete's ability to absorb O2 into his bloodstream. If that was the only factor then those of us with less than optimum stats might as well play golf.
Jul 13, 2009
beroepsrenner said:
There is no sustitute for natural ability, hard work and the determination to win.
I can't stress this enough...there are CLEAN riders in the professional ranks everywhere. Even Europe. Even in the Tour. If you are talented and dedicated enough riding and winning at the top level is possible CLEAN. Target 1 day races and shorter <7 day stage races as a CLEAN rider.

Don't dope guys. Really, from this forum it's easy to get disillusioned and believe that every pro dopes. Not at all true. But it takes a lot of DEDICATION, PASSION, and TALENT. Talent doesn't emerge suddenly. Peak power output at FTP does not change much season to season. Fact is a 1st or 2nd year racer who puts out 370 watts + at FTP has lots of potential. The talent is there. I know riders who have peaked at CLEAN FTP powers of 425 watts on SRM at 78kg. 5.5watt/kg. These are real pros with real watts/kg numbers.

Bradley Wiggins at 72kg and 410 watts powertap FTP = 425 watt SRM FTP is very possible CLEAN. But I'm not gonna lie I bet his VO2 is 88-89ml/kg. The talent is there. The dedication is there.