Ilnur Zakarin Discussion thread

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Great stuff! He had a very nice final climb, barely lost time to Landa and Carapaz on the final 7k.

First meaningfull victory since the 2016 Tour! So fricking nice:) I'm soooo glad he's back.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow

jaylew said:
Are we selling his chances short? I know it's Zaka and he's not always the most consistent but he put almost 2 minutes on Mollema after dropping him and I don't think anyone was gaining much if any time on him on the climbs. Didn't he lose some time due to a mechanical earlier in the race?
He lost like 3:15 to Roglic in the ITT's. 6seconds yesterday, 16seconds in the stage Carapaz won, But that's about it I think.
A surprise victory as he's shown little form in the last 18 months - Breakaway riders were helped by the peleton who allowed a thirty second lead to go out to over two minutes in the last 10 kms before the final climb.
With Nibali and Roglic engaging in staring contests and neither having a really strong team, the time is ripe for a surprise win. Zakarin is the kind of rider who could pull it off. He's a very touch and aggressive rider on his day but his lack of descending prowess may come back to bite him in the buttocks.
Apparently his goal prior to the race was first a stage win and then a top 5 in GC if he was good enough, well he's got his number objective but I don't think he's good enough for the GC. He's out of the top 10 and could lose more tomorrow. I think if he nabs another stage win, that would be nice, but that'll be tough with the way Movistar have ridden in the mountains and others could want more (Yates, Dombrowski, Sivakov, etc). He's generally very good in the last week of GT's and he's stayed out of trouble so far, no crashes or major issues on the descents, so I am a bit puzzled by his performance today. I know he is probably knackered after yesterday's efforts, but that's a lot of time to lose, especially the stop-go tactics of the leaders, (except Carapaz, of course).
Indeed. He was every bit as good as Landa on that stage, he just imploded the day after. His other days were mostly mediocre but nothing like 2017. I'm glad he picked up a win. Let's hope he can find that 2017 form somewhere.