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Question Improving my racing

Oct 9, 2019
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Hi there, I'm sorry if this question has already been asked but i am new here and don't really know my way around the forum yet haha.

Anyways, I am fairly knew to cyclocross. I have been racing and cycling for only a year and seven months and i absolutely love it.
I'm not really winning at all in races and am often with the back markers but i am working my way up and that is good.
Does anyone have any tips on things i can do to improve myself and get up with at least the middle group? Im kinda fed up with being at the back haha.

I try to ride the rollers at least once a week, sometimes twice a week depending on how busy i am. I just really want to get good, and i just need some advice?

Thank you :)
Is this question about improving your cyclocross racing? Or cycling in general?

Cyclocross is at least 50% skills. Being able to go into corners at high speed without slowing down too much, being able to ride off camber in the mud without sliding away, riding through sand, jumping the obstacles... It's one of the reasons why Nys was able to dominate the sport for basically 3 generations, while he wasn't physically the strongest rider. Or why van der Poel is more successful than van Aert, while the latter is supposedly the more powerful athlete.

If you want to improve, i suggest you take your bike to the beach and ride in the sand, start learning how to jump, ride in the mud... If you've only started racing recently, you'll be missing a lot of technique, and i'm sure you can make strides by improving that, even if you're not doing more physical training. Maybe there are some video's of training sessions by Eric De Vlaeminck, who basically was the pioneer of modern cyclocross technique, and a mentor to Nys.
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