Is it libel to say this?

Mar 19, 2009
Yes, there is one cyclist in particular that completely SUCKS! I'll run into this clown a few times every year that always rides on the wrong side of the road. On many occasions as I'm climbing, he'll come full blast at me on my side. Pulled along side of him one day as we were traveling the same direction on this off road trail, and politely said "hey man, are you aware that you're riding on the wrong side of the roads?" He proceeded to completely blow his top and just started screaming at me with no words, just like a raving lunatic type AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. And rode off. Now every time I see him he takes a run at me yelling like that. And it's always at the end of a 4 or 5 hour ride when I'm in no mood for it. I'm going chase this guy down and give his wheel the CINZANO treatment with a pump if he pulls this chit again.

That dude SUCKS!!!
Apr 1, 2009
I'll tell you who SUCKS! Team Cinzano of the world famous, most kick *** cycling fantasy game, The Tour de Chaos!

Long live The Revolutionary Cycling Attack Squad!