Italy names world championships teams

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Aug 18, 2009
Fairly light on the domestiques though, innit? They need the race to be hard to try and lose Cav, but not many guys to pull it along.

I suppose anyone will work at the Worlds. Or they could just attack and force others to chase.
Feb 4, 2011
auscyclefan94 said:
on the italian team, quinaiato said he was in the italian tem a few days ago on twitter but he was not listed. stange!
he is in! The major sites forgot to put his name, but he's in. Anyway, I think that Quinziato or Tosatto will be a reserve.
Sep 8, 2010
TeoSheva said:
he is in! The major sites forgot to put his name, but he's in. Anyway, I think that Quinziato or Tosatto will be a reserve.
Don't think so. They need guys like Quinziato and Tosatto to work.
I think Gatto could do something. It would have been nice to have Nibbles, maybe descending off hills and opening a gap. Ponzi is hitting good form as of late, surprising he's not included. Next year Cappechi and Ulissi should go.
TeoSheva said:
are you referring to Petacchi? I don't think he has a good shape, Bennati did better than him at la Vuelta.

Then, when you sayd Modolo maybe you meant Marcato, and Belletti is in.
Petacchi is one of those names, his form was starting to click in...and what about Rebellin? He's THAT good, even if he didn't ride much. Not to mention the witch hunt that destroyed for example Ballan, or Bruseghin. But let's not get into clinic related issues...

I made a mistake, as you said it was Marcato I meant, sorry...and Belletti yeah, didn't see him :p
Jun 22, 2009
Cobblestoned said:
I can see the Italian train lining up next to the German train with 2km to go.
Should be interesting to watch.
a shame neither have the man to finish it off. ;)

I kid of course, not a bad line up. hoping Italia can animate the race.
shame that Italy sends this kind of team-I have a feeling that Bettini might not be called to direct the Azzurri team next year... I can only see Gatto doing something, but he needs a more bumpy parcours to excel...
This is probably about the best team he could've selected for this parcours.

Pozzato and Ballan could've improved it, but they haven't had very good years for whatever reasons.

In 366 days and 19 hours we will Cunego and a more climber-orientated team in Limburg.