JB loses no sleep, but...

From the CN article on Bruyneel and the SI article http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/bruyneel-dismisses-sports-illustrated-accusations
we get this...

Bruyneel also denied accusations in Sports Illustrated regarding the search of Yaroslav Popovych's home in Tuscany last November.

"I don't know who requested this search. I immediately called Popovych, who assured me that the police hadn't seized any product, nothing suspicious, and he told me not to worry. I believe him and for the moment, I don't know anything more. "
so is Popo saying that "No, JB, they didn't find it, so don't worry"?
Jun 19, 2009
Here's a fantasy position: JB admits a "checkered" history and applies his real skills to producing a solid, honest challenger to a classic or other race. He knows how. Otherwise, take what money you have offshore and sip a drink with an umbrella in it.
"Not losing any sleep"

Lots of good sleepers in Lancey-poos entourage. Amazing they have any awake time for all that dopin' and sniffin' and cancer savin'.

Or is the "not losing any sleep" just another line fed by PS (or whoever is advising them now)
Oct 25, 2010
hrotha said:
Did Bruyneel actually say that in English? It sounds a bit awkward, as if it were a faulty translation.
Bruyneel himself sounds like a faulty translation.