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Juan Pedro Lopez Appreciation Thread

I think he overperformed during these days in pink. But he is definitely a good climber. Top10 should be virtually guaranteed unless he collapses on the third week, which I don't think is very likely to happen.

He is not GC contender material as of now, though. He isn't more than a fringe Top10 contender unless he improves a lot, so better deploy him as a stagehunter.
I think with Juan Pedro, its a matter of discovering how well he can recover over a 3 week GT. Trek isn't exactly loaded with quality GC riders at the moment. Ciccone is a top tier climber, but he has yet to contend high up over 3 weeks. Mollema's GC days are behind him.
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What a ride today, first professional win, and what a win in the most difficult conditions. Hats off.