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Teams & Riders Julian Alaphilippe Discussion Thread

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What do you think about his chances in Il Lombardia next Saturday? Looking at this year route with not very long and too steep hills I think he should be one of the favorites.
Depending on the racing situation, if he's there after Ganda he's definitely the favorite, but still I think the climbs are definetely longer than ideal for him, and I struggle to see him hang on to Roglic if he takes off there.

Evenepoel meanwhile probably would need to attack before Ganda.
I think he has been better at climbing this season than at sprinting, but I still don't see him winning against someone like Roglic. So it would all depend on the team's strategy, whether they get their tactics right or mess it up... and who are their leaders in the first place.
He's always been very up and down on these sorts of parcours, and he's rarely really tried hard in Lombardia. Usually on similar parcourses he ends up short. I feel he's focused a lot more on shorter hills this year.

I honestly think both Evenepoel and Almeida have a better shot on Saturday
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Milan-Turin, i.e. a rematch of Flèche Wallonne 2021: Stage 1 Milano-Torino | Milano - Torino (Superga) (milanotorino.it)

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Wasn't it flat last year? I seem to remember something about how they reintroduced the climb finish this year.

Edit: Holy cr*p, yes, i.e. Arnaud Démare won. He beat Ewan & WvA himself in the final sprint.
What? No way. Cant they just DQ all riders attending the race so we dont have to look at that when going through the history books? Aint nobody care and remember anyways - it was a sprinters race after all.