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Kaschechkin to return?

May 19, 2010
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I will be more than glad to see him back, but i was hoping for a comeback to Astana...oh, well, nothing is perfect, good to hear his name again though.
Kasch signed a 2 year contract with Lampre. So says Astanfans

- We have information that the employment of Andrew's Lampre took place at your direct participation ...
- Yes. After our meeting with the head of the International Cycling Union (UCI) Pat McQuade in late October last year, where he confirmed that the cache after serving a suspension may speak for any level of professional team Pro Tour, I began looking for employment options for Andrew. As a result Kashechkin signed a two-year contract with Lampre. For his new team Kashechkin able to speak a few days at the Tour of Slovenia. Chances of his appearance at the Tour de France 2010, "but if the leadership of Lampre not dare to include it in part, that's for sure Andrew will be competing in the last three Grand Tours - Spain's Vuelta in September.