Kelly Catlin 1995-2019

May 11, 2009
I just read the article on Velo News about Kelly, I was deeply moved and saddened to read about what happened to her. My Mom had a similar experience to what it sounds like Kelly went through. My Mom was hospitalized back in the late 1980s with an infection in her brain, the nature of which was never fully determined. After this infection she developed a cyclical anxiety disorder where three times a year for approximately 6 weeks at a time her mind would be locked in a debilitating series of racing thoughts/thought spirals. She struggled with this over the last 30 years of her life including trying to take her own life on two occasions.

It was incredibly difficult watching my Mom go through this and what was most frustrating was none of her doctors were ever able to figure out the cause of her episodes or how to treat them. Medical science has made so much progress and there are so many kind and dedicated professionals researching and caring for patients struggling with these kinds of illnesses, but it seems there is still so much we don't understand about illnesses affecting the brain.

My heart goes out to Kelly and to the family and friends she left behind, I can imagine how difficult this must be for all of them to process. She sounded like a wonderful person and it is heartbreaking thinking about losing her with so much of life left in front of her.