Teams & Riders King Albert I of Denmark thread

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It does appear to be the case that they (Trek) did so.
Now, the question is; have they not actually signed him, or have they signed him, but forgot that they're not actually allowed to announce it yet?
At least I assume that they're not allowed to announce it... it's before August 1st next year.

Ayuso's contract with UAE was announced in April 2020, so I assume Trek will be allowed to announce this deal long in advance as well, provided AWP actually signs with them.
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Because then he could learn at the feet of the master and evolve into team leadership at around the age MVDP loses that top end edge.
I doubt MvdP is the kind of guy who is willing to start mentoring a young guy.

And cycling is not like football (even though the UAE is trying to operate like that). Very long contracts are very rare and there are no big transfer fees. If the guy turns into a great rider, Canyon will have a chance to sign him. But at the moment the name AWP is not selling any bikes.

Btw, Canyon's biggest positive is that their bikes are good value for money. Although I guess there are quite a few idiots who buy a brand just because they see that X rider is riding it.
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I know that. The rules would require changing to allow it. My point was that there is no good reason why this could not be done.

Well, if one Junior was allowed to signride for a WorldTeam - or in this case he might as well just ride for the nepo devo team, as that would have the same "not allowed to ride WT races" effect - that could risk opening the floodgates for teams to pressure kids into riding for them early, which - no matter how talented they are - could end up have a negative effect on their further careers.
This seems like the ideal solution; he has signed for a team, and everyone knows it, so he can focus on his last year as a junior, without having to worry about where he's gonna ride from 2025.
I like this kid. There are a good many climbs and segments in my area with the "Withens" name. Withens New Road, Top Withens .... bu they are hill running segments. "The Withens" is the remote farmhouse featured in the book "Wuthering Heights". I wonder if he was named after the book?
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