Lance gonna ride alone

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Jun 26, 2009
splintersp3 said:
give twitter a chance! once you have had the thrill of tweeting something like "just took massive ****...close to a foot long, dont know if the ole plunger will work for this one!" to your 3 followers you will understand the joy. :p

Thank you sir (I assume from the content your Tweet) for a much needed laugh!!!:)
UTFan2 said:
I about spit out my beer - funniest thing I've read all day.


That is hilarious.

This place is always good for a good laugh. :D
It is probably not the rider alone part that surprised me as for the quality of riders that he is going to have. The list of high quality domestiques is shrinking. He still going to have good riders but not the ones he was hoping for.
Jun 9, 2009
Seeing as how there is already a Livestrong U23 developmental team, it is highly unlikely that he will race alone. The Livestrong team is home to World Pursuit and Espoires Paris Roubaix Champion Tyler Phinney among other riders.

I think it's cool to think about an aging veteran taking talented young riders onto his squad and helping with their development. Many retired pros do this as DS's. It is a natural progression in the life of an athlete facing retirement age.

It is also cool to think of an athlete competing at the highest level of any sport into their fifth decade.

A rider with LA's sponsorship appeal and industry connections will have no trouble finding talented riders to fill a team.