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Lance versus Alberto

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ilillillli said:
i'll still take armstrong. i feel like the 10th place in the opener was more the result of lance still building form for the last week rather than dwindling form altogether. though, to be fair, i'm basing this on nothing at all.

lol this could be added to pretty much every one of my posts, too.

I actually think Contador will beat Armstrong in the final TT, but Armstrong will place solidly in the top 5.
Jun 30, 2009
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dimspace said:
excuse me...?

i never greeted you in anyway, i dont even know who you are, and ive said nothing against you, but i did get to receive an offensive nobody cares for your opinion badge.. ive not been rude to you, ive not been offensive to you, didnt even quote you until you annoyed me... on the whole i dont insult anyone, i occasionally use sarcasm, but theres nothing wrong with that, but the classy gentleman that greeted you? i suggest you do your research cos youre getting me confused with a) somebody else and b) someone who gives a fig

my tourist comment by the way wasnt aimed at you.. i dropped out of posting here about a week ago because of the tourists with there constant LA posts and knowledgeless drivel.. :D

careful in that glass house of yours with those rocks fliying around..

duckegg :/

apologies for the derail, but assumptions and insults get on my gander

sorry for any confusion on my part... can we half-burry this forum-hatchet?
Jun 18, 2009
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Publicus said:
Just a reminder for folks, in 2007 Contador needed TIME. He doesn't need to gain time on any of his competitors, just to mark their attacks. At least with respect to Cadel Evans, I don't think he'll have any problems doing that. And Baby Schleck doesn't really put his heart into his attacks. The only real question is Sastre.

I guess that's why I'm not worried. He doesn't have to gamble down the stretch. And to a man, everyone on Astana talks about how strong he is right now.

richwagmn said:
What's your prediction for the ITT with regards to AC and LA?

I think Contador will beat LA in the final time trial, but he will almost certainly try to get some time on him before that. AC probably knows about as much about LA's climbing and TT form as the rest of us (ie. nothing).
Jul 7, 2009
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Looking forward to the TT, if Astana still has 4 guys in the top 8 or 9 places, what will their support staffs look like?

Do they have enough team cars to follow them all simultaneously? A

Also, who will Johan follow? Who will be giving splits?

I think this could be interesting, although I am worried there is some lame rule that will split the riders start times up.
May 19, 2009
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While the Lance/Alberto relationship has been discussed at length, I am curious about the nature of Lance and Andreas Kloden relationship. There is virtually no information about this that I am aware. At least here in the USA, I have yet to see pics or video of Lance and Andreas sharing a laugh or talking with one another. does anybody have some info on this?
Jul 16, 2009
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Publicus said:
I agree. I think, on some levels, Armstrong is talking himself up . . . trying to convince himself that he is still "Lance" for lack of a better word. Contador seems supremely confident in his abilities (at least based on his statements).

Truthfully, his last TdF didn't look as dominant as in earlier ones. He picked-up time in the time trials and marked competitors in the mountains with a strong team setting a brutal pace.

This year doesn't look much different, except a compartively poor prologue. But this time he has a teammate who can ride away from him, and being on the same team negates the advantage of having the stronger team.

The only way I think Contador is being handcuffed is if the team is riding a bit slower pace than Contador would like to pull along Armstrong. But I guess we'll find that out soon.


objective skeptic said:
Friction/competition, yes. I disagree it's a distraction. But I don't think Contador has been hand-cuffed as some claim. I think the strategy and team is riding to deliver both the opportunity, and both have thus far been set-up quite nicely.

I think the only point of real debate is who/how the team rides for on Ventoux. Will they be neutral for the two, split, or ride for Lance? When one attacks, will they help pull the other up? Or will they thin the field to the base of Ventoux and then say "have at it, boys"?

im wondering if i start quoting from the two lance v alberto threads people will get confused.. :D