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Landis to Rock

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Carboncrank said:
He's been making this claim almost every day.

It's just what he does with anyone that annoys him. If I'm not him I must be one of I don't know how many people he claims were banned.

They may not have been banned. They may have just tired of the gang mentality here.

Where does this meanness in you come from? Why are you spending so much time and energy trying to prove I'm someone who should be dismissed?

I'm here to talk about cycling. You make your case I'll make mine.

No, we are here to talk about cycling, you are here to defend Lance Armstrong. The difference: Lance is part of our sport and we would be here Lance or not, if Lance werent still around, you wouldnt be here, period. Add RTF McFadden, The Crusher and many others to that list.


Nov 22, 2009
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Race Radio said:
Tell us, how many times have you been banned for Trolling? How many times for threatening to kill people?

No idea who this guy is or if he actually ever did anything that low (threat to kill), but anyone who gets so heated in a freakin' internet forum really needs to switch to dial up for a few months and just stick to an email account. I get hot, but jezzus aitch, that's sick.
hoping FL can earn a living from biking.

hektoren said:
...I'd be a fool, and forget my scientist training if I were to read Joe's comments as the gospel truth. In that sense I'd prefer the revelations from someone on the inside, having no financial gain from their testimonies. Too tough to understand for you?

Good post...quick follow-up...

What you want (revelations from someone on the inside, having no financial gain from their testimonies) is a unicorn...because to be on the inside (by that I take it you mean a current rider) and to reveal all would mean not financial gain, but financial ruin. No matter which way you cut it, impossible.

Rider A has millions of dollars already, so doesn't need to reveal his doping in order to make more money. He discloses, and instead is sued for sporting fraud by his ex-sponsors and current team, all of whom want back every cent he ever earned from them.

Rider B has not made millions. In fact, he's a journeyman, earning enough to support his family in a very modest lifestyle, maybe put aside some dough, wear the requisite Rolex Submariner or Panerai watch...anyway, he reveals all, his career is over (just like rider A's) and his primary source of income is now gone. He doesn't have Rider A's millions in the bank (which rider A is burning through as he pays for lawyer fees trying to hang onto the cash), so he has to keep working - except now it's not even in the sport he loves. Maybe he opens a hamburger stand.

Ironically, rider B probably ends up having to write a book about his doping experiences in order to augment the hamburger stand income...

On another note, no one should read anything I write as gospel truth. I've never asked anyone to ascribe that level of insight to me, nor would I intentionally claim to be omnipotent or otherwise so simply aware of everything happening on the dark side of pro cycling that my writings are worthy of such characterization. That said, I know a helluvalot about what went on and what's still going on. Can't/won't say anything more on that so as not to jeopardize any ongoing investigations.

At the end of the day, doping doesn't pay, and if Floyd goes to Rock Racing or anywhere at this point, I hope he gets back to earning a decent living from the bike while at the same time enjoying being back in the sport. On a side note, if FL still wants to get paid to race, one "Pro" team he should not ride for is discussed here.

ciao, papp :cool:
May 6, 2009
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If I ran a pro team, I would hire Landis. Why not? If we live in a democratic society (unless you are Kent Brockman), whereby people are given a second chance, then that should apply to Floyd as well. Besides he is pretty angry right now, may as well use it for something.


Aug 17, 2009
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Please don't do that Dave.

Why oh why do great riders like Mancebo, Sevilla and now Landis want to hook up with Ball. What money is there, what kind of financial security? If they have done their time in the penalty box let them ride and make money at their professions. A bunch of BS. Valverde rides and makes millions while Mancebo gets ripped off by Mike Ball. Landis rides for Ball, is Floyd so blackballed or so out of shape he cannot ride for a quality European of South American team. Granted Floyd will never be allowed to ride the Tour again(as well he shouldn't)but there are races that suit his style in Portugal,Spain Italy and Belgium. Maybe Floyd is selling himself short with all his BS with drinking, poverty etc. I don't believe it but why he would sell himself short and act in an erratic matter, I don't get it. Could be an offering of a virgin in Las Vegas by Ball but why would anyone fall for that?
Because Rock Racing are the "last chance saloon" for a certain breed of rider.
Leaving Floyd aside, Mancebo, Sevilla, Gutierrez etc all made career decisions, based upon how Operacion Puerto impacted upon them.
The Mancebo gambit was to introduce the fake retirement to the pro ranks.
Sevilla disappeared for a while after getting the T Mobile boot.
Gutierrez, was caught in the spotlight, having just finished second, in the Giro, to Basso. Phonak pulled out, after Floyd.Really bad timing.

The irony here is that ALL the Spanish riders, named specifically by OP, ended up in backwater squads.

Mancebo and Sevilla, joined up with old Liberty Seguros buds, such as Angel Vicioso, at Relax Gam.
Others, wandered into Portugal and ended up getting busted at the new Liberty Seguros.

Valverde's team circumstances were better, his postion stronger and he didn't bottle out.
Were it not for CONI, he would have come through unscathed.


Aug 17, 2009
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Still Floyd did serve his time. I thought those others joined Rock to dodge a sentence. I thin Portugal, Spain, Italy or Belgium would be a good fit for Floyd.

He also would fit in with the Italian medicine program.
Rock Racing has followed the rock bottom prices strategy of acquiring riders. The team has hired good riders with few options because they give the best bang for the buck.

A team could get a good deal on FLandis right now. If he is back in shape and desperate for money then a team could get a very good rider who wants to win to prove a point.
dimspace said:

Im bored with this now.

+1 :rolleyes:

That said, I hope we can keep up-to-date commentary going on FL's employment prospects. Given that Sevilla and Victor Hugo Peña only signed conditional contracts with Rock, I doubt that the team will come through as even a mexican-registered hybrid squad. I think FL should have stuck w/ Ouch for his Y2 contract, and built the team bigger and stronger and with a totally massaged marketing aura to be his vehicle to redemption. Too bad he was seduced by whatever, and has ended up in the situation of sending semi-threatening tweets into the ether w/o having a team. :confused:

I say RR folds this year, not making it to half-season (and probably not making it to Redlands). I say Landis ends up back w/ his previous team or retires. I think I see the folly of all this and just ride my bike for fun.

But for now, back into the snow to finish the de-icing...it's a winterwonderland :(

PS. I motion that we close this thread.
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