Lesser Known Race Results 2020

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Contactan Valverde y Mühlberger! Pero...ataca con fuerza Valverde!!!

My Spanish isn't good enough. Does this mean that Valverde is back and attacked immediately?

EDIT: apparently it does!

Netserk said:
Hm, I thought Moscon would be able to outsprint Wellens. Perhaps it was because of a lack of knowledge of the final? Or maybe Wellens was just the strongest rider today ;)
Yeah, i thought that too, but Wellens can be pretty fast too after a hard race. And like you said, he knows the final.
Re: Re:

Zinoviev Letter said:
GuyIncognito said:
Every rider on the Burgos team crashed and abandoned.
What a way to start the season...
Did they go down as a group or did they manage it separately?
At least 2 crashed solo. So either separately or some crashed more than once.

It was very wet and dangerous. Even Valverde let Moscon and Wellens go on the last descent.
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