Lesser Known Race Results 2020

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Question is, even if he could, why should he? Like most guys, this is a training ride for the WC, where the real hard racing will happen. In other words, we can't draw any conclusions from this race except that the favorites seem to be on the right track leading up to the WC.
Well, I would agree with that if it was anyone else than MvdP...

Nice win for Trek. A great win for a change.
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Feb 20, 2019
Well, I would agree with that if it was anyone else than MvdP...

Nice win for Trek. A great win for a change.
Maybe. I don't think so, though. He's had a long season spanning across multiple disciplines with the RR WC possibly being the biggest target. He won't go overboard like it's the WC itself just to force a gap in a meaningless race after he already pretty much proved he's in great form leading up to the WC on that climb.

I get the whole 're-writing' the cycling rules and such rhetoric, but in this case it just wouldn't make any sense whatsoever since he'd be completely alone and having to dig WC levels deep in order to stay away from the peloton in the friggin' Primus Classic.
Guillaume Martin, Rosa and Guerin were in front for so long and looked like they'd decide who'd win. All of a sudden Lutsenko bridges the gap on his ones and wins easily. That guy's form is off the charts.
It looks like Consonni won the sprint for the 4th place after being in the initial move with Rosa and Martin and getting dropped on one of the climbs, not a bad result for him.
Weird Memorial Pantani finish. With teammate Rosa in front at about 30 sec and a few km to go, Moscon attacks then Bettiol joins. UAE with some three guys in front of the reduced peloton reel them in but now Rosa and another two have only some 10 secs. Lutsenko attacks, some motopacing involved and he joins the front with 500 meters to go then proceeds to win.
Lyu Xianjing just won the gc of the Tour of China II, on the mtf he finished 2nd, 4 seconds behind Kevin Rivera.
He's an interesting rider, 21 years old and a MTB background, this year he finished 2nd in the Asian games RR and last year he was 3rd in the Tour of Fuzhou and 5th in the Tour of Hainan. If a team has a sponsor or a a bike supplier that has a focus on the Chinese market it might be worth to give him a chance, at least on a developmental team or as a stagiaire, he seems to be by far the best Chinese prospect.
Thanks for the article. Interesting that he wants to ride the MTB event at the Olympics, I guess he'll only start thinking about riding for a bigger team after that. Merida are probably pretty eager to have a strong Chinese prospect on their team.
Mads Pedersen won GP Isbergues today. Was in the break all day, the gap of the 4 riders in the break was down to 13" when they crossed the finish line to start the last lap, he attacked them and finished 40 seconds ahead of the Peloton, while the other 3 got caught. Dominant.
I watched the first stage of the cro race, but it was a very subdued sprint. it was almost as if the peloton didn't know where the line was, yet with 5 km to go they were lining it out. Kind of odd.

will keep watching as I love races in smaller countries.