Lesser Known Race Results 2020

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But you still don't need any sort of confirmation, when ASO bought Unipublic back in 2008 the deal was publicly announced and since then the Vuelta was listed on the organized events list on ASO websites, it's not something secret that has to be debunked through some covered clues.

Look here, showed on the first row next to the Tour https://www.aso.fr/fr/nos-sports/cyclisme
I'm not saying that I need confirmation! I'm just saying that it... shows it...
Does anyone know how common it is that brothers take 1-2 in a road race? Schlecks, Sagans, Kreders, Kragh Andersens, Yates', Bouhannis, Vivianis...

Tour de Selangor Stage 5:
111SALEH Mohd Harrif
215SALEH Mohd Zamri

On the event's FB page there's even nice video of the stage highlights including on-board front camera finish footage from Harrif's bike!

5th place MOHD ZARIFF Muhamad Nur Aiman could also be their relative judging by certain similiralities in the name, but probably isn't...
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The Rojas brothers in Costa Rica (Juan Carlos and César Andrés) did get quite ridiculous at times.

https://cqranking.com/men/asp/gen/race.asp?raceid=27072 (10 mins up on 3rd!)
https://cqranking.com/men/asp/gen/race.asp?raceid=27074 (yes, 3 times in the same race)
https://cqranking.com/men/asp/gen/race.asp?raceid=28586 (ironically due to a rival testing positive)

They also 1-2ed the GC in 2014 and 2016
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This isn't so much a lesser known race results, but simply a lesser known - at least to me - race (that hasn't happened yet this year):
What's the Race Torquay? Don't think I've heard about that before, but... again… my memory is kinda wonky.
It's a new edition of the Race Zero Crit which was previously held on the Melbourne F1 circuit - It's a race that fills the gap between the TDU and the Cadel Evan's race - This time it will be held in Torquay which is where the Cadel Evans race will be held - It makes sense because the riders like to train in the area.
Twitter is an extremely unreliable way of following a race.

So far there has been four reported winners of stage 5 of the Vuelta al Táchira:
Daniel Munoz
Jhonatan Restrepo
Jhonatan Munoz
... and Jhonatan Camargo

It seems like Restrepo is the correct answer.
On a more serious note, Rivera rode an average of 36.7 km/h. Does anybody have some info on the second part of the ITT, which had an uphill section, but judging from the profile, it doesn't look that steep at all. On the other hand, 36.5km/h seems really slow (for a winning chrono). So, either it's steeper than it looks, or all those guys are slowpokes when it comes to TT'ing. Or bad weather/wind?

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