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Lesser known races 2024 edition

Aaron Gate with a flying start to the season. It looks like he's going to save Burgos.

Gate was ridiculous at the NZ Classic - He won four stages and yet there was only one which he targetted and had protection from the team - In the other three stages he was riding for others and spend his time chasing down attacks and could still win the stage - He's a level above 2.2 races.
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Todays' Classica Comunitat Valenciana 200 km and a sprint finish looks to be on the cards -

Startlist at

Groenewegen looks to be the favourite.
Don't get why they changed their parcours again, last years was actually pretty entertaining. This one will probably just be a bunch sprint won by Groenewegen. Those 16 in front won't be working well together and sprint teams will probably easily bring them back in the last 100 flat kms.
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