Lesser known races thread 2022

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Group of six have an advantage of c30 seconds for a while now. 14K to go. FDJ and Lotto have missed out.

Lead group composition just finally popped up = Martin, Rota, Louvel, Venturini, Turgis and someone I've forgotten?

Looks like the catch is about to be made. Peleton just a few seconds behind now.
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Bunch actually came back to 8 seconds and now they are 50 seconds behind thanks to Martins insane pull. It's between Martin, Venturini, Bounnamour and Rota now.

De Lie looked strong but shouldve waited with his jump when they were at 8 seconds and not try it when they were at 30 seconds.
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God damn De Lie actually demolished the peloton. Lotto really needs to learn how to race these French races. Not the first time they let a way too strong early break go in these races. Never ever let a break with 4 strong french teams in it go. Same for Israel tho. Couldve gotten way more points out of this. Vanmarcke got some tho and is now closer to their top 10 atleast.

Also pretty dumb from the front 4 to let Turgis back in it. I mean Martin pulled all day just to finish outside the podium because of it.

EDIT: apparently it was not Vanmarcke, but Biermans once again. He's racking up some valuable points for Israel lately.
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Bounnamour wins. Nice for B&B as they can't have too many wins this year?

As Samamba said, De Lie was impressively strong, again. Especially as you thought this course would have suited Kron or Gilbert more.

Something wrong with Kron. 3 DNFs in a row after the Tour within the first 30k. I know the team needs him for points but his useless in this form. Give him rest.

Not a lot of people noticed it yet, but De Lie is INSANE in rainy conditions. He already was in the u23 category and earlier this year in Tro Bro Leon. He also says it himself that he really likes it. Could come in handy in the future.
Bit dissappointed that for race with a name that - if I'm not mistaken - translates into something like "Multiple Normands", there was not a single person from Normandy in the top-10.
Dujardin being closest at 11th.

That's not a rule of the race, though (that there must be multiple Normands in the top 10).

There is also a race called the Tour de France, and even if it sounds like it's something for French riders, there aren't always French people in the top 10, and they very rarely win it.
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