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Lesser known races thread 2022

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Lol, despite the crash on the last km, De Lie almost got inside the top 10. That must be the quickest remount I have ever seen. Maybe a tie with Vansevenant's ditch crash.

Vermeersch I think, not De Lie.

Team is cursed but we knew that already. The kid was insanely strong again.

EDIT: wait nvm you're correct I think, I didn't even notice that. Insane.
Some nice off-road skills by Merlier and Zingle in the finish. Hugo Page coming through like at the train at the end.

Edit - Wasn't Hugo Page the one that Sebastian Molano hit on the head for his dangerous riding? He might have had a point, the way he barrelled through the last 50 metres.
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Zingle takes it in Belgium.
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Merlier would've won this easily if he didn't get boxed in tho. Arkea still sprinting with 2, they could've actually won if they rode for 1 guy.
Zingle tho is impressive, he's so explosive.

And yeah if De Lie doesn't crash he probably wins with 5 bikelengths, but sadly he crashes a lot (luckily he doesn't seem to break his bones easily).
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