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Lesser Known Road Racing for Women Thread

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Hey, can someone confirm this? (In other words; can someone figure out how to find the link to the page with the calendar directly from UCI?)

Because, if it's true, I consider that good news. Then they can easily show the race in full.

Yes, as we saw in 2020...

According to both the UCI and the P-R websites it will take place on the 16th.
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And it doesn't exactly help that the Vuelta Challenge has now been bumped up to five stages for next year, meaning it'll start a day earlier than first announced. We might see some teams start races with fewer riders through autumn. I also wonder how many will choose not to travel to China if their races end up being held in October.
Most teams run on a roster of between 12 to 15 riders. It could be a stretch for some teams to field competitive teams - Well organized teams can do well in these stage races.
Yes, the rule I quoted above stipulated minimum 9 and maximum 16 riders for 2020 and 2021 if I'm not mistaken. I'm guessing many sponsors are facing uncertain financial futures and may not be in a good position to increase team budgets.
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Some worrying news out of Spain, with KNWU and Peter van den Veen reporting that on a training camp with the Dutch track team, a collision reported as being within the team resulted in a heavy crash. Amy Pieters was rendered unconscious in the incident and had to be airlifted to hospital, subsequently undergoing surgery on her head. The remainder of the riders will return to the Netherlands as planned, but the coach and a small circle of staff will stay in Spain to provide support and assistance.

No further information has been publicised, but obviously it sounds like it could be a bad one and hopefully the injuries are not too grave and she can make a full recovery, despite the scary-sounding language used at this stage. Fingers crossed for her.
Here's a little game for ya; see if you can spot the mistake!

Congrats to Elisa Balsamo, the ten month old for winning the World Title. Those short legs must've done the trick!
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