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Lesser Known Road Racing for Women Thread

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That’s terrible. Just as she finally got her very hard earned first chance at a proper pro season.

Yeah, it's a real shame. Hopefully she'll be able to recover quickly. At leats her helmet didn't break as easily as her bike.

All the best to her and her family. It must be very tiresome when people constantly ask how the situation is, but I think it's good they put out this statement.

It must be terrible to be in their shoes right now. Her teammates that witnessed/took part in the accident can't be in a great state either.
In this day and age it's easy to get accustomed to getting updates on a famous person's every move, but in this case we obviously can't demand or expect to be told anything about her condition, and that's the way it should be.
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The International Federation's need to invest in development and more development ASAP - It's urgent that we have a bigger pool of upcoming riders filtering through the system who are WT standard because with the growth of women's cycling they'll need rosters of 18 to 20 riders. This is a big chance for the Federation's to invest in talent ID.
And we have our first confirmed lineup for the Vuelta CV Feminas, which will be shown line on ES Player/GCN+ on Sunday.


Meanwhile, Van den Broek-Blaak has decided to not retire after all!

Well, she will retire, but just not now.
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And we have our first confirmed lineup for the Vuelta CV Feminas, which will be shown line on ES Player/GCN+ on Sunday.

I guess you simply do it on purpose now :sweatsmile:

Vollering has extended with SDW untill 2024 as well, while Moolman-Pasio, for now at least, still wants to retire after the season to focus on her hotel business.

It was also revealed yesterday that there will be a sort of women's version of the E3 on April 30.
As already mentioned by RhD, the women's season kicks off tomorrow with the fourth edition of the Vuelta CV Feminas. A 92 km race, which will probably be decided in mass sprint once again. It will be live on Eurosport/GCN (with Been and Rowe) from 11 AM in mainland Europe, and with a bit luck we might get to see a full hour of racing.

Defending champion Chiara Consonni faces competition from former winner Martha Bastianelli and two time runner-up Barbara Guarischi among others. Uno-X will start their first ever women's race (Ahtosalo is listed first, but I expect Susanne Andersen to be their protected sprinter), and Eugenia Bujak will be riding in her dreadful UAE/GOBIK champion's kit for the first time.

Startlist: https://firstcycling.com/race.php?r=10439&y=2022&k=start#race

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