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Lesser Known Road Racing for Women Thread

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Hmmm... CQ is a bit slow with updating riders' names.

Should be 'Norsgaard' listed first anyway.

Yes! It bothers me...

Cyclingarchives usually list both the maiden and the married names for riders, but they haven't updated Labecki or ENB's either.
They have however, for unknown and very weird reasons, added an acute to the ø in Jørgensen:

Speaking of her, you'll be able to watch her in the Omloop van het Hageland tomorrow though this link (with Dutch commentary by José Been):
View: https://vimeo.com/673531414
And now the video doesn't exists... :(

These streams should be working:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxiMadBYR8E

Lukas Knöfler is also providing English commentary through twitter:
View: https://twitter.com/lukascph/status/1497174392199020548
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It's been a pretty good race so far with a lot of attacks.
16 km left and a group with Norsgaard, Biaanic, Cecchini, VDBB, Copponi, Georgi, Mackaij, Bastianelli, Van Anrooij and Demey are leading with about 30 seconds over the peloton, which is currently led by Valcar.
The Bloeizone Fryslân (formely known as the Healthy Ageing Tour) starts today and will be shown live on ES/GCN.
Like last year it has three stages, but with tho of them being flat, the 14,4 km tim trial will be even more crucial this time.
We'll get to see a an interesting rematch between Van Dijk and Reusser.
I don't really see the problem with the prizes here, and it doesn't appear that Van Dijk seemed to mind them either.

The route safety on the other hand was appaling, but surely there should be a better way to fix it than to simply drop ITT from future editions, like it seems the organisers have now chosen to do. Trusting the CPA to get much done about it is not something I would recommend though.
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Yesterday's events at the ITT may be a blessing - It will force the organisers to make a better course - You don't need an ITT in a three stage race and as it stands now only two riders can win the race unless there is unforeseen circumstancces.