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Liege Bastogne Liege-7 hour monument, Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Who will win?

  • MVDP

    Votes: 4 8.3%
  • MVDP

    Votes: 3 6.3%
  • MVDP

    Votes: 4 8.3%
  • MVDP

    Votes: 3 6.3%
  • MVDP

    Votes: 3 6.3%
  • MVDP

    Votes: 5 10.4%
  • MVDP

    Votes: 10 20.8%
  • MVDP

    Votes: 5 10.4%
  • MVDP

    Votes: 6 12.5%
  • MVDP

    Votes: 5 10.4%

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Odds on they'll utilise extreme weather protocol because of a little cold? Skjelmose was begging for it during Fleche because it rained a bit for 15 minutes...
In a monument? Very low, would devalue the race and in a one-day race, you can‘t cut out anything. As long as it isn‘t 2013 MSR conditions… Then again, if you were a rider and asked Adam Hansen, he‘d get something going.
So, what are you referring to?

To sum up:
Apart for some riders getting sick, he doesn't think FW will have any influence on LBL.
He has thawed, and did so quite quickly.
He's determined not to let it happen again, so he has checked the weather forecast multiple times, and made sure his wet-back is ready.
To his pre-race press conference.

Has the UCI's extreme weather protocol been discussed?
“Well, actually I expected them to take it. At one point there was that hail storm and also thunder. For about fifteen minutes the weather was bad enough to say: 'we are stopping the race'.
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To his pre-race press conference.

Is het extreme weather protocol van de UCI ter sprake gekomen?
“Nou, eigenlijk had ik wel verwacht dat ze die zouden aangrijpen. Op een bepaald moment was er die hagelstorm en ook onweer. Ongeveer een kwartier lang was het weer slecht genoeg om te zeggen: ‘we leggen de koers stil’.

I don't speak Dutch...
Maybe you could quoted it in English...

BTW, the Feltet.dk article is also based on the press conference.
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Eddy Merckx and Victor van Schil attack on the Cote de Stockeau in 1969.
Well, could you find that same quote in the article I posted a link to?
And please don't translate it into Dutch this time...
De barske betingelser med hagl og iskolde temperaturer kostede Skjelmose muligheden for at forbedre sidste års andenplads, men hovedpersonen selv mener ikke, at løbet skulle have været aflyst.

Haglene og i særdeleshed et forbigående tordenvejr kunne ifølge Trek-stjernen dog godt have sat en midlertidig stopper for løbet undervejs.

”Jeg troede faktisk, at de ville overveje 'Extreme Weather Protocol', fordi på et tidspunkt lynede det. I 15 minutter var vejret dårligt nok til, at vi kunne have stoppet løbet. Men efter det var det forsvarligt nok at køre.”
This is on you not understanding what he says. When he says that it afterwards were acceptable conditions to race in, that implies that it wasn't before that.

But he didn't "beg for it"... he just mentioned that it could have been done.

I read it more as "Well, it was quite bad for a while, but not long enough for it to really become a problem, then it was fine."
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I'm all for a bit of banter and such, but these thread starts have begun to really piss me the **** off at this point. I want the route map and profile, maybe start list in the OP. Maybe even a write up as was common years ago on this forum. At this point, just put a link to PCS and be done with it then.

That being said, Pogi to win by a landslide.

The Hitch would be turning in his grave.
Hello to everyone, this is my first post here… I like this forum very much, by the way.

Seems they will have similar conditions for La Doyenne like they had at the edition that Poels won… I hope for a full race, without shortening due to the conditions.

LBL is my favourite one-day race in the calendar: one of the best times of the year, great course, strong startlist, great history.

Big favourite might be Pogacar, and I like it that MvdP starts there.

Maybe Pogacar does it like once Di Luca: winning Liege first, then winning the Giro afterwards?…

Kind regards

Such a lovely poster. Some historical accuracy, an absence of animosity, no hint of trolling, excellent English with no repetition, and a fan of both Pogacar and MVDP apparently.

Pure positivity.

What are you doing here?
Pogacar to attack on Redoute and drop everyone but Lutsenko, who holds his wheel until the finish. Remco fans claim definitive proof that Evenepoel is world's best at hilly classics. Lightweight championship of the world bout between Tadej and Remco pencilled in for 2025 Classica San Sebastian (the only race worthy of holding such a bout), promoted by Mou and Logic. That race doesn't let anyone down.

MVDP beats them both on his 4th race day of the season.
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