I present to you the Bora Hansgrohe team singing "I Just Can't Get Enough," with Davide Formolo on lead vocals, a young Peter Sagan on the Roland behind him, Maciej Bodnar stage left, and, purely because I needed someone to round out the 4-piece, Rafal Majka in a Daniel Oss wig at the back.

Jun 30, 2014
If Aru would grow a decent mustache he'd look like a Freddie Mercury imitator (or like Borat).
During the WCRR I got a big surprise. I always knew that there were two Oliveira twins, Rui and Ivo, but I certainly didn't know that they were actually triplets with Dylan Groenewegen as well.

When they were filming Rui after he abandoned (he was still wearing his helmet) he looked exactly like the Dutchman in Portuguese clothing. It's not as obvious when I look at Google images, but the resemblance was eerily accurate when looking at live pictures.
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