Question Looking for help to setup Kickr Wahoo

Nov 14, 2022
I bought kickr but can't set up my bike on for couple of days. I tried probably every option, but my bike is still making crazy noise and chain is skipping, unable to ride. My bike is Rockmachine gravelride 700.
I instal my Shimano Deore CS-HG50-10 on the kirck as per the instructions here (I made sure my spacer is in correct position):
the outcome looks very same as in the video 1 - no overlaping part from kickr
My bike also has the size of 12x142mm. I bought Axle Adapter kit (,
but I can't insal it properly as per your video 2 on the web

The problem is that those 2 videos have differen point. Video 1 regarding change of a cassette is ending with a cassette being flat and having no extra space for instaling the axle washer on the driver side. But video 2 does have.
So here is my question - what should be the correct setup for 10 speed Shimano Deore CS-HG50-10 with 12x142 size in the back? Should it be your kit, or my own axle?
Or should I adjsut my cassette setup, so it won't be flat but I will be abe to see the extending part and add axle washer?
I also have some 12x142 iron adapters, but not sure if those should be used with my original bike axle, or the one delivered in 142x12 kit package. Don't really know how correct setup should look like for this bike but I tried everything, but none of them is obviously correct.
Thank you a lot in advance for your advise,

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