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Looking for information on Stradalli

Apr 11, 2009
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Would appreciate any info anyone may have on this company. All I know is they are now making bicycles (don't know for how long they have been doing this) and that they used to (still do?) make motorcycles.

Thanks in advance and keep riding smart.
Aug 16, 2009
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It sounds like they are new to bicycles (2009?), but have been making motorcycles for a while.

Also looks like they like to do press releases about whomever they can get to ride one of their bikes. My guess another place that puts stickers on standard chineese made carbon fiber frames and ships them. Not a bad thing but not unique. Not enough information to know if that is right or not, but sure what it looks like.
Mar 15, 2011
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Stradalli Bike Company

This is my experience with Stradalli Bike Co. I hope it helps you guys out.

I purchased the Stradalli Trebisacce about a month ago now. I too was hesitant about buying an internet bike but I noticed the company was in Pompano Beach Florida and I live in Orlando, Fl. I emailed them and got a reply from Patrick stating that I could come by and check out the bikes if I wanted to.

When I got there Patrick was very helpful. He showed me all the frames and allowed me to choose all the extra parts, the saddles, bars, gearing, tape, wheels, etc. I talked to Patrick about the price of the bike being so low that it was a concern to me that maybe I would get ripped off ordering over the internet and that is why I decided to go there in person to see if it was all legit and if it was a good product. Patrick told me that the profit margin is very small and so they could be competative and that their goal was to ve a high volume company.

About the bike: I got the SRAM Red Gruppo which retails for $2100, I got the 50m full carbon clincher wheels that they sell for $999 so if you add just these two together you get $3100 and you still don't have a frame, handle bars etc. I paid just over $2800 w taxes for the complete bike.

The bike is extremely stiff and has a tight geometry for Crit style racing. The frame and wheels are very tough as I found out because I raced the bike at Webster-Roubaix a few weeks ago and won the CAT 3 division. If you do a google search on Webster-Roubaix you will see that it is a very punishing race on your equipment because of the off-road sections of the course. The course broke spokes, crashed riders, and tossed water bottles from cages. But my Stradalli was in new condition except for dirt covering the bike when I was finished. Even the wheels were still true.

Hope this helps, I think its a quality product and as you can see you can't beat the price. If you have any ?'s for me I will respond to your emails.