Lost password - no mail sent from CN?

Hello CN Administrators

I've forgot my password to my CN Forum profile.
Filling out correct information at section ucp.php?mode=sendpassword and pressing either 'Submit' or 'Reset', nothing happens. :sad:
I don't receive a re-activation mail, a reset password mail, or any mails AT ALL from CN!
I've checked junk folders and everything on my profile-related Gmail account, but no mail since april 2018 (also 'Reset' of password').

Now, here's the Catch-22:
The only access I have is via my work laptop. Editing my CN account from here, there are fields for changing password.
But this requires that you know your current password!

Does CN Forum have problems with password-reset to Gmail accounts for the time being?

Remember I tried this a couple of month ago with same problem - no receivement of mail. And now again the last couple of days.

Please help. I'm using CN forum most frequently from private laptop, desktop pc and private mobile phone, but requires password login - and a normal password reset which CN Forum apparently cannot deliver to my Gmail account.

I bet other profiles with Gmail-conjunction have same problem.

Thanks in advance.
OK thanks for PM in my mailbox. At first hand I was about to mark it as thread since domain mail was not from cyclingnews.com. But gave it a chance and temporary pwd worked out, so thanks.
But since this alternative email sender, this may be a proof of problems?