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Luis León Sanchez. Until where will he arrive?

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auscyclefan94 said:
it seems like this guy has been around for ages. They talk him up to be the next star in world cycling. A lot of pressure has been on him from a young age.

Like many, he was given the "next Indurain" tag from early on. To me he's since found his niche in snatching stage wins in the grand tours and excelling in the week long stage races. At this point in his development I don't see him as a legitimate grand tour contender because he hasn't shown the ability to climb with the established contenders on a daily basis. He usually finishes in the 3rd group of finishers on the tough mountain stages. His TT abilities are on par with them but not so much to make up for his deficiencies in the mountains. He's quite savvy and intelligent as a rider and I could really see him doing well in Flanders, Milan-San Remo, and especially Giro de Lombardia if he were to give those races a real chance.