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Incredible rider. It's not just that he got his stage win but also that he has a second and a third place as well. That's really remarkable for a rider type like him in his first Grand Tour. I did expect him to do well in this Tour based on his form in Dauphine, but I certainly didn't expect him to just demolish the field at will.
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He could potentially win Strade, Amstel, San Sebastian, Ronde, MSR, Liège, and perhaps even Lombardia. Also Paris Nice and other 1 week stage races with a similar profile.

I think of the non-sprinters, there aren't many that are faster. He won't be too far off of Stuyven's speed imho. If i were to compare him, i'd say he's a refined Max Schachmann.
Great. So we have another 5,5 monuments winner without the first classic race win. :)
Awesome ride today. Such a well-timed move, and my favourite win of the race so far.

Given the incredible form he has just now, it’s a real shame he won’t have the chance to improve on his third place at last year’s San Sebastian, though perhaps he could do something at (quickly checks his next races...) the Ronde?
Not counting GTs out for him, but that would require him to try first.

I say let him try for GC in Paris Nice/Tirreno type races, and if it doesn't work for him just focus primarily on stage hunting and classics.
Yeah he can still figure out what he's best at, but his climbing has been very impressive.

He'll ride Gent-Wevelgem and Flanders I see, won't he ride the Ardennes?
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Not really at this point (personally). He's more like a crossover between Alaphilippe and Schachmann imho. But maybe a Vuelta, who knows, or if he changes his focus. But so far the signs for me are he'd be a great 1 week stage racer, hilly stages, ardennes classics etc. Also based on his U23 results.
He's Alaphilippe with better engine but less explosive. The guy is a joy to watch. Like Ala he really loves to put on a show.
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