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Teams & Riders Mark Cavendish Discussion Thread

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The front group (which kept changing and reforming) included Ethan Hayter, Ben Turner, Jake Stewart, Owain Doull, Scott Thwaites, Connor Swift, Lewis Askey…riders like Fred Wright, Steven Williams, James Shaw, Ben Swift, Matt Walls never even made it across to the front group…that’s not a bad line up of WT & pro conti riders
WT level? Look, I'm happy he won, but I'm trying to put it into perspective regarding whether or not it will impact him being selected for le Tour.
Belgium was liberated in September 1944 by the Allied forces, including British, British, and British armies. That should be enough to bring Mark along.

Eddy is happy I guess
Eddie is happy. QS DS at least is happy Sam Bennet is on the sidelines so that looked like a good choice. Cav is a "reserve" so he can wait for a positive Covid test from the non-reserve roster, I guess. France will miss Alaphallipe even if Patrick has a better choice.
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Your Cav hate was whatever, but now you're just being silly.
Cav is not to everyone's taste but he has done everything he can to show he's ready. A sprint is a sprint when you have to mix the race up and then win it. That shows me he's serious but it may not represent enough for the Tour with QS. Ala being out also complicates things because he'll lay down whatever energy he has for the cause.
I can't recall Cav doing that recently. Ever, actually.
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I think it's the "as much as he could" that is the situation with QS now. Julien performed beyond expectations in prior Tours and they are leaving him. Tough choices on both counts.
Julian can obviously do things Cav can’t though, so that’s unfair. He can set the pace, get things from the car, guide Jakobsen, etc. obviously Julian will be better at the tail end of stages across multiple terrain.
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The real reason is simple. Cav is not in the long term plans of QS.

They hit the jackpot on the lottery last year, but now their golden boy sprinter is back and its time to throw Cav back. Lefevwre doesnt really care he saved their TdF last year

i agree. However it exemplifies that lefevre is in total control. I think you can make the argument either way from a sporting perspective- i would have taken him. From a commercial (sponsors) perspective i think it is pretty much a no brainer to have taken him.